You might not be worried about President Barack Obama abusing the immense surveillance powers of the U.S. government, but what if someone like Sarah Palin gets elected?

That is the argument Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) gave in support of his legislation to rein in the National Security Agency during a recent interview with Los Angeles activist Lauren Steiner.

"I heard Rush Limbaugh ranting almost incoherently about this just a few days ago on the radio," the congressman said. "He is very concerned about the fact that ‘Dictator Obama’ can get this information. I’m more concerned about the possibility that Dictator Palin can get this information, but regardless of who we are concerned about, the fact is we are both concerned."

Grayson has introduced legislation that would prohibit the Department of Defense from collecting Internet, telephone and other personal information generated by U.S. citizens without probable cause of a terrorism or criminal offense.

Earlier this year, NSA contractor Edward Snowden revealed the NSA was indiscriminately amassing phone traffic data on innocent Americans. The surveillance program has collected data from nearly every American -- including who they called, for how long and when -- over the last seven years.

Grayson noted that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) had introduced similar legislation in the upper chamber.

Watch video, clipped by The Shark Tank, below: