Republican Congressman Jeff Miller of Florida recently cited his belief in God to explain why he opposed environmental regulations.

During a "Coffee with the Congressman" event on Tuesday, some of Miller's constituents confronted him about his position on environmental policy. They said there was a large consensus among scientists about the causes and effects of climate change.

In response, Miller said he was willing to defund the Environmental Protection Agency because regulations were hurting job growth. Miller said the Navy only stated climate change was a threat to national security because of President Barack Obama.

"I have scientists that I rely on, the scientists that I rely on say our climate has changed," Miller said. "Look, it wasn’t just a few years ago, what was the problem that existed? It wasn’t global warming, we were gonna all be an ice cube. We’re not ice cubes. Our climate will continue to change because of the way God formed the Earth."

A large study that examined thousands of peer-reviewed research articles found 97.1 percent agreed that climate change was caused by human activity. Research has found that resistance to curbing climate change is motivated in part by Christian religious beliefs.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: