Flying shrapnel from a power plant demolition injured spectators who were gathered to watch the buildings go down on Saturday in Bakersfield, California. According to the Bakersfield Californian, several bystanders were hurt, including a 43-year-old man who could lose both his legs.

Police described the man's injuries as "one obvious amputation, possibly two."

Spectators were gathered in a Lowe's store parking lot across the street from the demolition site to watch the old steam plant get knocked down. What began with a festive, party-like atmosphere quickly turned grim as metal from the demolition flew into the crowd.

The Californian said that one man who declined to give his name described the sound of the crowd as going to from cheers to screams for help in seconds.

The plant operated from 1948 to 1985. The demolition at the site has been an ongoing process. In 2012, a worker was killed during an attempt to destroy a large storage tank.

Watch video about this story, embedded below via the Bakersfield Californian: