A 20-year-old Texas woman reported that the man who raped her early Sunday morning has also used her cell phone to harass her family.

KTVT-TV reported on Wednesday that the victim told police the attack happened after the man pulled her into a loading dock in Dallas. She later ran into traffic naked and was aided by a motorist, who helped her call police. No suspects have been identified in the case as of Wednesday afternoon.

But local police waited a day before seeking a warrant needed to "ping" the phone and attempt to trace it, telling KTVT that they would not be able to meet the criteria for one, since the victim was no longer under an imminent threat, a decision that surprised local county Judge Lena Levario.

"I get called at home quite often in murder cases, rape cases, especially when they're hot on the trail of someone," Levario said to KTVT.

Authorities also told KTVT that the phone did not have its GPS marker turned on, weakening the prospects for a search. But local surveillance specialist Bill Buckles said to KTVT that cell phone towers can also be used to narrow down a phone's signal.

"It is straightforward, mainly because it’s done so frequently," Buckles, a professor at the University of North Texas, said to KTVT.

Watch KTVT's report on the attack, aired Wednesday, below.

[Image via Agence France-Presse]