A 25-year-old U.K. woman needed medical assistance after she dislocated her jaw while attempting to bite a "triple-patty" hamburger at a restaurant in Liverpool. According to the U.K. Press Association, Nicola Peate didn't realize the seriousness of the injury until the next day, when she found herself in intense pain.

Peate was eating a "Kids in America" burger at Almost Famous Burgers, which included pretzels and candied bacon. Her fiancé, Neil Docking finished the burger when Peate was unable to, she reported.

"I didn't think I'd dislocated it -- you don't expect it to happen eating a burger! But I tried to eat it with a knife and fork and couldn't. I couldn't open my mouth fully," she told the wire service. "It felt like I had cramp in my tongue, then I started to get an ear ache and a headache. The next morning I woke up and felt really, really ill. The whole side of my head was hurting."

Then, running her fingers along the line of her jaw, she realized she had dislocated it. She rushed to Liverpool Royal University Hospital where an X-ray confirmed the diagnosis. A doctor manipulated her jaw with his thumbs to snap it back into place.

"The minute it went back in it was like turning a tap off in my head," said Peate. "All the tension just went."

Peate has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), which means that her joints are fragile and easily dislocated. She told the wire service that she's grateful the accident didn't occur closer to her wedding date next year.

"I'll stick to canape-sized burgers at my wedding." she said. "I will be more conscious of the size of food in future. If I had a big burger, I'd cut it up with a knife and fork."

[image of woman biting big hamburger via Shutterstock.com]