If you've ever wanted to hear Stephen Colbert say, "Thumb in butt" or "circle jerk," Monday night was made for you.

As a response to the push by the four major broadcast networks to get the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to relax its standards on coarse language and depictions of sexuality, the Colbert Report host joined "recovering network star" Hugh Laurie in reciting selections from a list of dirty words approved for use by his parent company, Viacom, like "nutsack," "banging b*tches," "coochie juice," "dryhump" and "hand job" (though Laurie was quick to point out that the last one depended on context.)

"Broadcast networks, good luck with your cultural appeal," Colbert said. "You can whack my bag anytime."

While the former House star was up to the task, Colbert actually deferred at first to his guest before joining in for the final selection in their recital, which can be seen below in video posted by Comedy Central.