A 39-year-old woman in Hoboken, NJ admits to hurling feces in the face of a parking enforcement officer in a dispute over a parking ticket. According to NJ.com, police issued a summons to the woman on charges of harassment and disorderly conduct.

On Wednesday, Sep. 11, police received a call around 9:15 p.m. about a woman brawling with a parking enforcement officer while a large crowd gathered to watch. The parking officer later told police that she had been leaving the Hoboken Parking Utility (HPU) when she was accosted by a motorist she had ticketed earlier in the day.

The angry driver accused the HPU officer of discrimination, saying that her vehicle was targeted because she is Hispanic. The officer attempted to leave the scene by getting into her boyfriend's car, but the other woman yanked open the car door and continued the argument. She then hurled a substance into the officer's face that was later determined to be feces.

It was then that the two women began to fight in earnest, drawing a crowd. Police separated them and the HPU employee was taken to Hoboken University Medical Center to be treated for possible fecal contamination.

The assailant initially denied throwing the poop on the officer, but eventually admitted that she had scooped it up off the grass in a paper cup and flung it in a rage. She then told police that she was having a panic attack and demanded to be taken to the hospital as well.

The city of Hoboken declined to comment to NJ.com.

[image of parking enforcement officer via Shutterstock.com]