The president of the students' association at Saint Mary's University resigned on Friday, and 80 other student leaders have been ordered to take sensitivity training after video surfaced of them taking part in a chant advocating sexual assault against underage girls at a freshman orientation event.

The Globe & Mail reported that Jared Perry justified his stepping down in a statement by saying it would allow the association "to focus exclusively on the work of remediating the damage earlier this week." However, he said he would seek re-election.

Video posted on Instagram on Wednesday shows a group of male and female leaders engaging in the chant as part of "Freshman Week." Perry admitted to being involved in the incident, yet also reportedly said that it has been a part of the event since 2009.

"SMU boys, we like them young," the students say in the video, which was briefly deleted but was posted again on YouTube. "'Y' is for 'your sister.' 'O' is for 'oh-so-tight.' 'U' is for 'underage.' 'N' is for 'no consent.' 'G' is for 'grab that ass.'"

In addition to the training, the Huffington Post reported, the student leaders involved in the event have been ordered by Saint Mary's President Colin Dodd to attend a conference dealing with consent and sexual assault, and to convene a special council on campus dealing with the issue.

Watch the "SMU boys" chant, in video posted by "TheBaronSJ" on Thursday, below.