The inventor of the world's most reviled font, Comic Sans, is defending his creation against hipsters who claim that it looks "like someone threw up on the keyboard and that's what came out."

Vincent Connare explains that, when he was working on Windows 95 for Microsoft, he encountered an animated dog who spoke in an inappropriate font. "When I loaded the CD a little dog came up. He talked in a speech balloon like you would get in a newspaper cartoon strip, but it was in the system font Times New Roman. I thought, 'That's silly. Dogs don't talk like that.' So I said it would look better if it looked like a comic book."

So he consulted some graphic novels he had ready to hand -- including, surprisingly, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons's magisterial Watchmen -- and created a font that look like dogs talk. Three days later, Comic Sans was born.

Two graphic designers, Holly and Dave Combs, wish it hadn't been. They run a website, Ban Comic Sans, devoted to the font's eradication. To which Connare can only say, "if you hate Comic Sans you don't know very much about typography either, and you should probably get another hobby."

Watch a preview of the video below:

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