Disproving evolution won't save creationism, atheist activist says

Disproving evolution cannot save creationism, a prominent atheist activist told a convention of free thinkers.

“Even if a god appeared and started poofing things out of nothing, that still wouldn’t prove the Bible because that collection of contrived and plagiarized fairy tales has already been disproved beyond redemption, and not even the existence of god could change that,” the video blogger Aron Ra said Sunday during Apostacon.

The annual conference of humanists and free thinkers gathered Friday through Sunday in Omaha, Neb.

Aron Ra discussed his efforts in his home state, Texas, to improve science education standards and fight back creationist themes in textbooks.

“To live in a society that thinks that anything that is not explained by science is explained by god, thus to denigrate science, is to promote religion, so they repackage creationist arguments as scientific weaknesses of evolution,” Aron Ra said.

He told the gathering that he’d tried to teach the theory of evolution to Texas school board members when they were setting up classroom standards.

“I failed, and I’m not at all surprised that I did,” Aron Ra said.

Aron Ra told the conference that ignorance of evolution and the rejection of scientific methodology allowed the Christian right to indoctrinate students into believing things that can’t be proven.

“Religion always presents the first and biggest obstacle to any attempted improvement, even when we try to defend freedom of religion,” he said.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, below:

[Image via YouTube]