Friday the 13th, indeed. About 40,000 federal employees working for the Interior Department didn't get paid Friday as they had been expecting, due to a processing error.

The error affects 40,000 of the 240,000 federal employees in 23 of the 42 agencies served by the Interior Department's Interior Business Center, the agency said in a release Friday. "The error occurred with the payroll file that IBC sent to Treasury and was related to the EFT date that was entered in the transfer file," IBC said. The employees will be paid Tuesday and an investigation has begun to prevent another occurrence, the agency added.

NASA, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, the National Transportation Safety Board and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission are among the affected agencies.

IBC said it had contacted about 1800 financial institutions where it sends electronic paychecks, hoping to work with them to avert overdraft fees, but that the agency would not be held responsible for those fees if they occur.

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