Lawmakers debating the merits of a punitive strike on Syria have been shown video taken immediately after the attack of apparent sarin gas victims, CNN and NBC reported Saturdaay. CNN has aired several minutes of the very graphic and disturbing videos, preceded by viewer discretion advisement.

CNN's Jake Tapper reported Saturday that CNN obtained 13 different videos of sarin gas victims in Duma and other cities near Damascus, recorded on August 21. The videos have seen by members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, and are being used by the Obama administration as evidence of the attack as it makes the case for air strikes against the Assad regime.

Many of the videos show children twitching and convulsing in seizures while medical workers act to try to preserve their lives with oxygen masks and manual resuscitators. In one image, "It looks like the boy's chest moves, but his arms remain pinned to his side like a soldier at attention," CNN reported. The images also show rows of dead bodies.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) described the videos as "horrendous" to NBC, and said she had asked for versions of the videos to be prepared for review by House members before they vote on action regarding a military strike in Syria.

Watch the CNN report below.