A Indiana man was arrested this week after the grammar lesson he was trying to give his 3-year-old son turned violent.

The Indianapolis Star reported that the Henry County Sheriff’s Department was notified last week that 29-year-old Kenneth R. Webb had repeatedly struck child in the face and the blows had caused "bruising and physical pain."

Investigators said that Webb told them during an interview on Monday that his son "wouldn’t look him in the eye as he talked" so he slapped him "more than once."

Webb reportedly said that he had been trying to explain "sentence structure," and convince the child to begin questions with the phrase "May I please..."

But Webb apparently realized that he hit his son "too hard and had left slap marks across his face on both sides," according to an officer's report.

The boy was treated at Riley Hospital for Children and then released to the custody of his grandparents.

Webb was released on bond after being charged with Class C felony neglect of a dependent and Class D felony battery resulting in bodily injury to a person under the age of 14. He faces over five years in prison if convicted on both counts. An initial hearing was scheduled for Circuit Court on Sept. 16.

[Photo credit: A father is threatening his little boy with a finger (Shutterstock)]