Italian runner allegedly caught using dummy penis to pass drug test

Italian athlete Devis Licciardi is accused of using a fake plastic penis loaded with clean urine in order to pass a drug test. According to Huffington Post, Licciardi was wearing the "Whizzinator," a dummy penis that is worn under the clothes and designed to urinate on command.

The Italian news agency Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata said that Licciardi was taking the test to qualify to run for the Italian Air Force team in a 10 km. road race in Molfetta, Italy. If convicted, Licciardi could face a long term ban from the sport.

The Whizzinator Touch bills itself as an "awesome discreet synthetic urine device" that delivers "very quiet, fast-acting synthetic urine instantly."

The device sells for $139.95 and is sold by skin tone. Interested parties can purchase the Whizzinator in White, Tan, Latino, Brown or Black.

"Our manufacturing is a mixture of high quality synthetics and pure artistry," boasts the Whizzinator website. "We make our products for every scenario, and to maximize your pleasure."

Watch an instructional video about how to use the Whizzinator, embedded below via