Hearing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad cite the bad intelligence reports that led the U.S. into Iraq to protect his own country against an attack had Jon Stewart apopleptic on Monday night.

"You needlessly invade one country based on false evidence, suddenly you're bad at war" Stewart fretted. "Come on. We have had a very solid war career -- between 40 to 60 percent justified. But all anybody wants to talk about is the most recent one of the wrong ones. It's like we're the Bill Buckner of superpowers now."

Stewart did note the gall of Assad to point out in an interview with PBS host Charlie Rose that the majority of Americans oppose a military strike against Syria.

"What kind of b*lls does a ruthless dictator have to cite public opinion polls?" Stewart asked rhetorically. "You might want to slow down there, Mr. Gallup. [I'm] pretty sure gassing your own people ain't hitting double digits, either."

Watch Stewart take on Assad and the cable TV pundits arguing both for and against an attack on Syria, in video posted on YouTube by "CoffeeAndNews32" on Monday, below.