On Friday night's edition of "Real Time with Bill Maher," host Bill Maher dedicated his weekly "New Rules" segment to Twitter trolls and other angry Internet users who have nothing to do with their time but spew hate and racism and bellow at corporations.

"If America had as good a government as its people," he said, "it wouldn't look like this." He rolled video of the U.S. Congress ponderously rolling through a procedural vote. "It would look like this," he then said, showing footage of a fistfight in the Russian parliament.

When Miss New York, Nina Davaluri was crowned Miss America this week, an Indian-American, said Maher, "Twitter exploded with so much racist hate that you'd have thought President Obama had just made a reasonable remark."

He went on to show screencaps from various people's Twitter feeds, like, "F*ck you, Zach Braff! F*ck you in the face!" and even in the restaurant the Cheesecake Factory's feed, someone tweeted, "F*ck you cheesecake factory."

"Really?" Maher asked. "Even cheesecake? What's next? Calling apple pie a c*nt?"

"Who wastes their time telling Cheesecake Factory to f*ck off?" he added. "Why has hate become the national pastime?"

Maher said that the rage coming out online is actually a symptom of the frustration people have with the country's vast economic inequities. The number of people who call themselves "poor" has doubled in the last five years.

"Which is very significant because in the past, the poor consistently -- and erroneously -- described themselves as 'middle class.' Because they had hope."

People are figuring out that the "two Americas thing," he said, is true, "and they're in the wrong one."

But hey, he said. You can get an iPhone for $99 now, "and you can use it to tell Betty White to go fuck herself!"

Watch the video, embedded below via YouTube News: