A 45-year-old Missouri man will serve a 20-year federal prison sentence for kidnapping, raping and torturing a woman he trapped as a "sex slave" for nearly seven years.

The Associated Press reported that Edward Bagley Sr. accepted the 20-year sentence as part of a agreement in which he pled guilty to one of 11 counts of having sex with a minor.

"Even though Ed pleaded guilty, he still hasn't told the truth," the woman, now 27 years old, said while reading a statement in court.

Bagley admitted to luring the victim, referred to as "FV" for Female Victim in court documents, into living with him and his wife Marilyn in their home in Lebanon, Missouri in December 2002, when the victim was a 16-year-old runaway. The Bagleys trapped her until February 2009. Marilyn Bagley and another two men connected to the case, Michael Stokes and James Noel, will be sentenced on Thursday.

Bagley and his wife argued that they did not have sex with the victim until she was 18 years old. But CNN reported that the indictment against him states that once she turned 18, the victim was forced to sign a contract making her his "sex slave, with a term that never ended."

During her confinement, prosecutors said, the Bagleys marketed the victim online for sadomasochistic sex shows, and allowed others to watch and participate. The victim was also water-boarded, hung upside down, and had abortions forced on her using household items like vacuums and coat hangers.

Edward Bagley was also ordered to pay $123,000 to cover the cost of future counseling and medical care for the victim, as were two more men sentenced on Wednesday, 34-year-old Bradley Cook and 53-year-old Dennis Henry. Cook will also serve 20 years in prison, while Henry, a former postmaster, will serve 10 years and be ordered to submit to mandatory supervision after his release.

[Image: "Dark Prison Cell At Night" via Shutterstock]