Mom says school system bullied her son after posting disciplinary record after suspension

A Virginia Beach woman is accusing the school system of bullying her son after an official tweeted a statement about the boy’s suspension that included his disciplinary record.

Seventh-grader Khalid Caraballo and two friends were suspended for at least four months by Virginia Beach City Schools after officials said they shot at people Sept. 12 using a toy gun near a school bus stop.

The boy's mother, Solangel Caraballo, signed a waiver that allowed school officials to discuss the suspension with the station.

Although officials declined on-camera interviews, they released statements by Larkspur Middle School Principal Matthew Delaney and a 911 call from Sept. 9 reporting some boys with what appeared to be a gun pointed toward some girls waiting at a bus stop.

Officials also posted audio from the 911 call made Sept. 12 on the school system’s Facebook page, questioning the station’s decision not to use the recording, but WAVY claims it hadn’t known about the call until the school posted it.

School Board Chairman Daniel Edwards posted a letter on the district’s Twitter feed explaining the decision to suspend the boys, and he cited Solangel Caraballo’s privacy waiver before listing previous disciplinary actions taken against Khalid.

Edwards said the 13-year-old had been disciplined six times in 18 months for “increasingly aggressive behavior.”

Khalid claims he never left his property and did not shoot his toy gun at anyone who wasn’t participating in a war game with him.

He and two friends were suspended, but their principal recommended they be expelled.

"My son is my private property," Solangel Caraballo told the station. "He does not become the school's property until he goes to the bus stop, gets on the bus, and goes to school.

Their suspensions remain in effect until June, but a hearing will be held in January to determine if they may come back sooner.

In the meantime, the boys will either attend an alternative school or be homeschooled.

Watch the video posted Monday by WAVY-TV:

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