A Queens, NY family received word Thursday night that their 19-year-old son and brother was killed when a remote-controlled helicopter he was flying struck him in the head. According to New York City's WABC-TV, Roman Pirozek Jr. lost control of the miniature helicopter while piloting it in a park in Gravesend, Brooklyn.

Pirozek and his father were both remote-controlled helicopter enthusiasts. The miniature aircraft they flew were gasoline-powered models with 24-inch carbon fiber rotors that turn an estimated 3,000 times per minute.

Eaton Boyce, a friend of the victim who also pilots the miniature choppers said, "We're all concerned about our own personal safety, but things happen, things happen."

"It's just an unreal event that someone that young, that full of life, enjoying something, is gone," said another friend, Dino Spadaccini, to WABC.

Watch video about this story, embedded below via ABC News: