Ohio man pleads guilty to sex with a pool float -- again
'Funny Young Businessman With Swimmingtrunks Next To The Pool' [Shutterstock]

An Ohio man pleaded guilty on Wednesday to charges of felony public indecency after getting caught having sex with a discarded inflatable toy for at least the second time.

Cox Media Group Ohio reported on Wednesday (CMG) that 32-year-old Edwin Tobergta faces a year in jail for his fourth conviction on public indecency charges, the latest stemming from a June 2013 incident involving what police described as him having "sexual relations with a rubber pool float."

Tobergta was reported to authorities by Theresa Teague, who told CMG she caught him in the act after setting a swimming pool up for her daughter.

"She was out there about 10 minutes, [then came] running into the house: 'Mommy, mommy, Edwin's doing something next door, doesn't seem right,'" Teague explained to CMG. "We went running outside and saw Edwin naked with a yellow flotation device doing some sexual type-oriented things with it."

Tobergta was arrested for a similar incident in August 2011, on top of a 2008 conviction for public indecency, two years after being charged with the same crime while in jail for exposing himself to a corrections officer.

Teague said to CMG that authorities told her Tobergta's latest charges were felony-level because of his past offenses, but she questioned why this latest alleged incident wasn't subject to felony charges in and of itself.

"He did it in front of my 10-year-old daughter," Teague told CMG. "That will forever remain in her mind for the rest of her life."

Watch Teague recount her encounter with Tobergta, as posted by CMG on Wednesday, below.

[Image: "Funny Young Businessman With Swimmingtrunks Next To The Pool" via Shutterstock]