An executive for a security firm hired for the U.S. Open tennis tournament and other high-profile events is being sued for discrimination and retaliation after he allegedly sent racist emails calling African-Americans the N-word.

Emails obtained by The New York Post showed that Contemporary Services Corp. Vice President for Special Events Scott Dennison, 56, repeatedly used his work account to disparage African-Americans with terms like "scum suckers" and "worthless."

In a 2011 email, Dennison allegedly wrote that he would be sending a German-shepherd trainer to Boston to pick out a new dog because another one had died.

"If he likes what he sees he will fly the Dog to Denver," the email said. "There he will do a great deal of bite work, off leash training and some n*gger eating exercises."

An 2009 email talked about Dennison's hiring plans for the U.S. Open tournament: "No African Americans please only limited quantities that have brains and can actually do a day’s work."

The emails also showed that Dennison had written a 2010 "testimonial" to mock a former employee, 45-year-old Sean Felder, regarding security jobs at the Flushing Meadows grand slam event.

"Yu sez brothurz, Mr. Gon allows the black man to be superior we run the place cuz we needs the money and Obama and Rev Sharpton allowed us to mix with the White Crackers at this event," the email quipped. "Come on down we can cheat, steal, eat food and sleep. Just like our new govt allows us to do, to get back at the white man for Slavery."

Felder has filed a lawsuit against Contemporary Services Corp. in Manhattan federal court for racial discrimination and retaliation.

United States Tennis Association spokesperson Chris Widmaier told the Post that the allegations were "very distressing."

[Photo credit: AFP]