Jon Stewart picked apart what he described as the "breathless wrongness" of CNN's coverage of Monday's Washington Navy Yard shooting on The Daily Show Tuesday night, as the centerpiece of his analysis of cable news' latest "Force-5 wrongnado."

"All of yesterday's confusion in the reporting -- it's not a mistake," Stewart surmised, pointing out that the one thing the network should know how to cover are incidents like the shooting, particularly following its lack of good judgment covering the April 2013 bombing at the Boston Marathon.

"So my final -- not initial -- conclusion is, this is deliberate," Stewart argued. "The chaos they vomit onto the screen, the very thing we thought news organizations were created to clarify is a feature, not a bug."

Stewart also homed in on Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer, who at one point asked what the black top and black jeans reportedly worn by the suspect could say "about a possible motive, or whatever."

"What does a black top and black jeans say about possible motive?" Stewart asked rhetorically, before showing a picture of Anderson Cooper in that kind of outfit. "I don't know, why don't you ask your best colleague?"

But the task of "distilling" news coverage of the shooting into one image did give Stewart the chance to give credit to his own staff

"When I said, 'Let's have a baboon masturbating,' I didn't think we could find that footage," Stewart said, laughing. "Wow. We have the best research staff in the country."

Watch Stewart rip CNN one more time, as posted on YouTube on Tuesday by user "CoffeeAndNews32," below.