Stewart on misspelled racist Twitter attacks against Miss America: 'That's how you know this is America'
Jon Stewart confronts racist backlash against Miss America [YouTube]

Just when Jon Stewart thought it was safe to congratulate new Miss America and fellow New Yorker Nina Davuluri, the "bad shark sound" led him to discover the racist online backlash against Davuluri, who found herself being called everything from a "terrorist" to an "Arab" by people who seemingly didn't comprehend she is an Indian-American medical student.

Displaying one insult posted on Twitter ("Miss New York is an Indian .. with all do [sic] respect, this is America"), Stewart could only lament, "Yes, this is America. And you know how we know that this is America? The way you know the word due is misspelled. That's how you know this is America."

But correspondent Aasif Mandvi was in a more joyous mood over Davuluri's win despite the hateful remarks against her, arguing that she and National Spelling Bee winner Arvind Mahankali were helping establish an Indian "beachhead" in the U.S.

"So you're dominating our spelling and swimwear competitions," Stewart scoffed.

"We're not just smarter than you," Mandvi boasted. "We're also America's most scrumptuous eye candy. With the tiara to match."

With that Mandvi donned his own tiara and shimmied to the tune of Beyonce's "Single Ladies," exclaiming, "If you liked it, you should've arranged a marriage with it."

"And yet, you dance like a white man," Stewart responded.

Watch Stewart and Mandvi take on Miss America's racist detractors, via Comedy Central: