Jon Stewart joined Daily Show colleague John Oliver in doing a final appraisal of former Rep. Anthony Weiner's (D-NY) fall from both grace and the lead in the New York City Democratic mayoral primary, which ended with Weiner avoiding his "amateur pornstar virtual mistress stalker" Sydney Leathers by speeding away in a car and flipping reporters off.

"It's not really how it seems a mayoral campaign usually ends," Stewart observed. "It's more like how an episode of COPS would end."

"Sure, the good ones," Oliver conceded, though he would not admit to missing Weiner. Oliver even refused to do his patented shimmy at the name "Danger," which he adopted during his summer stint filling in for Stewart.

"It doesn't feel right anymore, Jon," Oliver insisted. "Sure, it was fun when he was still running for office, being a d*ck to everyone he met. But -- I don't know, maybe it's me -- but just, somewhere between him sprinting past the dollar value menu and his lonely car ride home with only his middle finger to keep him company, I kind of lost the stomach for this."

"I'm gonna say this one time," Stewart responded in a grave tone. "What are you: a comedian or a human being?"

Watch the outcome of the two hosts' standoff, embedded via Comedy Central, below: