The "God of Mischief" met the Monster of Cookies in a video released by PBS on Wednesday for a quick lesson in restraint.

In the clip, actor Tom Hiddleston, best known for playing Asgardian troublemaker Loki in the films Thor and The Avengers, sets out to teach Sesame Street's Cookie Monster about "delayed gratification."

"That big word," Cookie Monster protests as Hiddleston dangles a cookie in front of him. "It too long. Me just want to eat cookie."

However, Hiddleston holds out.

"I really want to share it with you," he explains to his blue-furred friend. "But this one's mine. But I know that there'll be one for you."

"So you're saying, if me wait, me going to get cookie," the monster responds.

"Ultimately, yes," Hiddleston promises, setting off a waiting game.

Watch and see if Cookie Monster's patience pays off, as posted by PBS, below.