A 41-year-old Englishman allegedly bit his neighbor's penis with such force during a fight over loud music that the 39-year-old victim required immediate medical attention to save the organ. According to British tabloid The Daily Mail, Jason Martin was in a headlock with neighbor Richard Henderson when he bit down on Henderson's genitals "like a sandwich."

Martin, who is missing several teeth, denied the act, saying, "The thought of putting a man’s penis in my mouth. Well, it’s not for me. Not in a million years would I do it."

He said that he only grabbed Henderson's "bits and bobs" to frighten the man, who he said was attacking him. He also told a jury at the Canterbury Crown Court in Kent, "I have only got a couple of teeth in the lower part of my mouth. I can’t even bite into a hard-boiled egg."

The dispute began when Henderson's girlfriend sent Martin a text late one night asking him to turn down the music on his Xbox game console. Martin angrily confronted Henderson and the pair ended up coming to blows.

Police reported that Martin still had blood around his mouth when he spoke to officers at the scene, but he insisted that the blood was his own and that Henderson had punched him in the mouth, splitting open one of his lips. He told the court that he was only acting in self defense when he attacked Henderson's genitals.

"I accept that I did grab his testicles, not maliciously or to hurt him badly," Martin said on the witness stand. "It was just a rat bite. I just grabbed into an area. I didn’t realise at the time it was his testicles."

Judge Adele Williams asked Martin, "You must have felt his penis and testicles in your hand?"

"I didn’t know if it was his penis or his testicles or his upper leg or arm," Martin insisted. "I didn’t know what it was. I was just getting beaten up and I was scared."

Henderson told the court that he was in his pajamas when the altercation with Martin took place. The fight left him covered in blood and nearly missing his manhood.

"My willy was not attached to the rest of my body," he said. "I have never experienced that kind of pain to this day and I don’t want to experience it ever again."

The jury found Martin guilty of wounding his neighbor with intent to cause serious injury. He is currently in custody. Judge Williams will sentence him in October.

[image of man biting sandwich via Shutterstock.com]