A man in California was knocked out with a stun gun on Friday as he apparently tried to commit police-assisted suicide by waving around two Samurai swords.

Police received reports that a man -- who turned out to be 29-year-old Hung Anh Nguyen -- was swinging two large swords in the middle of the street near a shopping center in Santa Ana, California. When police arrived, Nguyen refused to drop his weapons and shouted obscenities at the officers.

"He had put the swords down, and once the officers got there, he picked them up and then addressed the officers, cussing at them, taunting them to kill him because he didn't want to go back to jail," Santa Ana police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna told ABC 7.

After refusing to drop his 19- and 27-inch swords, Nguyen was shocked with a stun gun. A recording of the incident, captured on cell phone, showed Nguyen falling to the ground motionless after being stunned.

He was taken into custody and transported to a hospital for a psychological evaluation. Nguyen was later released from the hospital and charged with suspicion of possession of illegal swords and assault with a deadly weapon.

Nguyen had an outstanding warrant for a narcotics violation. He was previously convicted of selling marijuana.

Watch video, courtesy of ABC7 News, below: