Stand-up comedian, television host and mixed martial artist Joe Rogan can add Alex Jones impressions to his repertoire of skills.

Monday on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, skeptic and "debunker" Mick West linked conspiracy theories about the Federal Emergency Management Agency to Americans' relative unfamiliarity with the mechanics of human burials. He explained the "FEMA coffins" conspiracy on his website,

"The 'FEMA coffins,' which is grave liners that have been piled up, big piles of grave liners in a field somewhere," West explained. "Some people say they're coffins that FEMA has been stockpiling, but they're really just these plastic things they put over graves ... All the young people, they don't recognize these things because they don't know anything about the burial process, so they think it must be FEMA stockpiling coffins or something."

"Yeah, and they probably listen to Alex Jones," Rogan replied, with a chuckle.

He then launched into an epic impersonation of Jones, shouting about FEMA camps and coffins and the "ten thousand body holes" he witnessed.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube, below: