Yet another Florida man arrested at strip club for leaving kid in car

Police arrested a 25-year-old Florida man on Sunday after he left a toddler boy in an unlocked pickup truck while he drank at a strip club. The Smoking Gun reported Tuesday that Jordan Caraway was arrested around 1:45 a.m. on Sunday at Dixie's Gentlemen's Club in DeLand, FL and taken to Volusia County Jail.

An employee of the club apparently spotted the child -- streaked with grease and dirt and dressed in filthy clothes -- pressed against the inside window of Caraway's GMC pickup, "visibly upset and crying hysterically," according to a police report.

The boy's mother, Alicia Lewis, told police that she had left the boy in Caraway's care when she went to work at 3:30 Saturday afternoon. She said that she spoke to Caraway late Saturday night and he told her that he was at "a party," but that the boy was with him. She then said that she received a call from Caraway asking her to meet him at Dixie's to retrieve her child.

Caraway claimed that he left a friend in charge of the child, but witnesses said that the friend was observed inside the club drinking with Caraway. The men claimed the boy had been sleeping when they left him in the parking lot.

Several other Florida men have been arrested for abandoning children at strip clubs, including Kenneth Rowe, 26, who handed over a toddler to the clerk at the SHARKLOUNGE in Daytona Beach and disappeared into the club. Elliut Gonzales, 38, of Orlando, left his sleeping 7-year-old in the car while he partied at the Diamond Club.

Former NFL player Monty Ray Grow was arrested for leaving his 3-year-old daughter unattended while he was at Clearwater, FL's Diamond Dolls club. And Edward Condry Jr. of Ft. Myers, FL left his 1-year-old child in the car while he was visiting a strip club in Tampa.