On his website, the notorious street-artist from England who's invading New York City this month, criticized the design for the new World Trade Center, calling it "a disaster."

"Well, no," he continued, "disasters are interesting. One World Trade Center is a non-event. It's vanilla. It's like something they would build in Canada."

He claimed that while "the attacks of September 11th were an attack on all of us ... it's how we respond to adversity that defines us." The response, to his mind, is "104 floors of compromise."

He then noted that the structure lacks "confidence," and wondered "How does it stand up without a spine? It looks like it never wanted to be built in the first place."

"One World Trade declares the glory days of New York are gone," he concluded. "Because you currently have under construction a one-thousand foot tall sign that reads[:] New York -- we lost our nerve."

[Image via AFP]