Stephen Colbert returned from a two-week vacation he spent "yelling obscenities at park rangers" and immediately congratulated the government for ending the shutdown.

"The big story while I was gone," he said, "was the end of the government shutdown. Now Congress can get back to the important work of government gridlock."

The shutdown, he noted, "cost the economy $24 billion and caused China to lower our credit rating to an 'A-.' Or, as Chinese parents call it, an 'F.'"

"This whole crisis was so dramatic," he continued, "that it lead some to ask, 'Is the United States a failed state?' That is a headline from -- Zimbabwe. That's like Ted Cruz asking, 'Have you really thought your strategy through?'"

"Speaking of which, Mr. Ted Cruz knows which side won." After showing a clip of Sen. Cruz declaring the shutdown "a remarkable victory," Colbert noted that, "as with all remarkable victories, we've got to figure out who to blame."

He then showed a montage of Fox News's resident psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow diagnosing President Obama with abandonment issues.

Watch the entire clip below via Colbert Nation.

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