A white supremacist's plan to set up a racist enclave in Leith, North Dakota has been foiled by the city's planning and zoning board.

Craig Cobb, a hate crimes fugitive from Canada, purchased a house and nineteen other properties in Leith and spoke of renaming the town "Cobbsville." He would have required residents to fly a "racialist banner" from their homes.

"Imagine strolling over to your neighbors to discuss world politics with nearly all like-minded volk. Imagine the international publicity and usefulness to our cause! For starters, we could declare a Mexican illegal invaders and Israeli Mossad/IDF spies no-go zone," he wrote last year. "If leftist journalists or antis come and try to make trouble, they just might break one of our local ordinances and would have to be arrested by our town constable."

His dream of living among "like-minded volk" has been shattered by the city's planning and zoning board, which issued an edict yesterday that all inhabited houses must have running water and sewer, as well as an ordinance that prohibited tents and campers from remaining on a property for more than 10 consecutive days.

Failure to comply will result in fines or condemnation.

Cobb talking to the Bismarck Tribune, asked "Why now? Is it a wonderful coincidence that the moment I show up these are necessary? It's patently unfair."

He then referred to Leith's current residents as "evil and nasty," and suggested the town be renamed the "Village of the Damned." He also said that if the town attempts to take action against him, they'll have to sue his "Cathedral of Creativity" religion, to which he transferred all his Leith properties last week.