Ben Brown, a 21-year-old psychology student, has been ordered by England's Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to return the driver's license he received because it features the young man with a colander on his head.

Brown is believed to be the first person in Britain to have convinced the DVLA to allow him to express his faith in Pastafarianism on his license. However, shortly after issuing the license, the DVLA sent him a letter requesting it be returned:

Dear Mr Brown, I have noticed that the driving licence issued to you on 01/10/13 shows incorrect details. Please complete the reply form and return the licence in the envelope provided. A new licence will then be issued to you.

Brown vows to keep the new license, and returned the letter with one of his own in which he wrote "[t]he details on my licence appear to be correct. Please specify the incorrect details."

It is unknown at this time whether the DVLA will allow Brown to retain the license.

[Image via Giovanni Dall'Orto, Creative Commons licensed]