On Thursday, ex-National Security Agency (NSA) director Michael Hayden's off-the-record interviews were made public by former MoveOn.org director Tom Matzzie, who overheard Hayden's conversations while riding on a train.

Matzzie claims Hayden was bragging about black sites and being critical of the present administration's security protocols. Hayden now tells the Washington Post that he was doing nothing of the sort.

"I didn’t criticize the president," he said. "I actually said these are very difficult issues. I said I had political guidance, too, that limited the things that I did when I was director of NSA. Now that political guidance [for current officials] is going to be more robust. It wasn’t a criticism."

He told the Post that Matzzie "got it terribly wrong," then called the tweets a "bull**** story from a liberal activist sitting two seats from me on the train hearing intermittent snatches of conversation."

["Michael Hayden" by Flickr user Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy]