Police in Alabama believe that four people found shot to death in a car 65 miles northwest of Birmingham were killed in an apparent murder-suicide plot after two of them had been charged, the other two implicated in a Tennessee child pornography investigation.

Authorities would not release the names of the victims, but Winston County Sheriff Rick Harris told WVTM News that two of the bodies had been identified as people who had been charged in connection with a child pornography case and had been scheduled to appear in a Tennessee court yesterday. The other two people in the car had been implicated, but not officially charged in the case.

The bodies were found in rural Double Springs, and included one female and three males. They were in their mid-20s to early 50s, and according to police all but one were related.

"They all died of gunshot wounds, and at this point we’ve ruled out any type of hostile drug takeover, a drug deal gone bad, or anything like that," Harris told The Cullman Times.

"We’re exploring the possibility of some self-inflicted suicide, or murder-assisted suicide between the four. Forensics is doing a trajectory investigation now."