Glenn Beck's attack on all forms of what he deems "progressivism" expanded to the home-improvement front today, as he criticized General Electric's new "progressive" dishwasher. (Raw Story couldn't find any information about this new GE dishwasher, but a lack of evidence isn't proof that it doesn't exist.) According to Beck, the new GE dishwasher is just the latest in a long line of attempts to "embed" the word "progressive" into daily discourse.

His co-host reminded him that "'progressive' does mean other things other than 'progressive,'" but Beck would have none of it.

"I was a Lowe's," he said, "looking for some new paint. And I find this paint -- I'm not sure who the manufacturer is -- but this paint, this 'progressive' paint, and one of the colors is 'Woodrow Wilson white.'"

Beck is referring to a line of Valspar paints made in conjunction with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which does include colors from sites associated with Wilson.

It also includes "Mark Twain House Ombra Grey" and "Betsy Ross House Blue," the latter of which, at least, shouldn't be stained by progressive associations.

"There was also something else in the store that was 'progressive,'" Beck continued. "See how they're embedding the word everywhere, to remind you that 'progressive' is a good thing." Raw Story notes, for the record, that the word "progressive" is nowhere included -- much less "embedded" -- in the Valspar line of National Trust paints.

Watch the video of Beck's Lowe's-inspired discussion below.