GOP candidate insists he is not a hypocrite for having kids use Medicaid program he opposes

A Republican candidate for the office of Idaho State Representative insists he is not a hypocrite for opposing Medicaid healthcare coverage for the poor while his children benefit from the program.

NBC News reported earlier this month that Greg Collett, a 41-year-old software developer, has 10 children. Most of those children are enrolled in Medicaid -- a federal program he wants to abolish.

Collett said he received a lot of negative feedback due to the report. In a lengthy statement published on his website, he admitted, "Yes, I participate in government programs of which I adamantly oppose."

But he only participates in government programs like Medicaid because he fears legal repercussions and fines if he doesn't, he explained. Other government programs have irresistible financial incentives, while others would be impractical to abandon.

Collett said he would be happy to see his children kicked out of the healthcare program for the poor.

"For those of you who insist that I take my kids of Medicaid [sic], please feel free to get them off by terminating the entire program. I would be the most thrilled if that were to happen since, as with all public welfare programs, it should not exist," he wrote.

Collett concluded by arguing it was acceptable to receive benefits from the government, because doing so was redirecting money away from a corrupt and immoral system.

"Through the redistribution of wealth, government engages in legalized plunder -- theft," he wrote. "It goes far beyond that, however. Our government engages in the most serious of offenses -- murder -- through wars of aggression, the abomination of abortion, and other brutalities. I do not agree with the sentiment that it is patriotic to pay taxes when our government carries out such crimes. I do not want to see any of my money going towards such a regime. I do not lose any sleep over anything I do to redirect funds towards me, and I uphold the same standard for all."