A member of a Texas separatist group, who believes he is running a parallel sovereign nation in the state, was given probation this week after he was found guilty of impersonating a Texas Ranger and illegally carrying a gun on at least two occasions.

The San Antonio Express-News reported that 62-year-old Gregory Brent Davis agreed on Wednesday to pay a $1,250 fine and serve 200 hours of community service as a part of his sentence.

Davis is part of a group called The republic State of Texas, which believes that the separate republic that was created when Texas seceded from the union in 1862 still exists today. The group claims it is now in the process of restoring a "fully functioning and updated form of government" that will "operate in parallel" with the state of Texas.

According to San Antonio Express-News, Davis had claimed he was "director of rangers for the republic state of Texas" while carrying a gun at a rodeo event in 2011. When he was approached by Helotes Police Chief Rob Hunley, Davis introduced himself as "Col. Davis" of the Texas Rangers.

A court document stated that Davis told Hunley he had led many "black ops" missions as a Green Beret during the Vietnam War. He said that he had been “shot, stabbed and suffered shrapnel wounds.”

"This guy's been putting himself off as a ranger for at least several months," Texas Ranger James A. Scoggins noted after arresting Davis.

After failing to make a court appearance on the first charge, officers located Davis in a bank wearing a Ranger badge. He was also wearing a gun on his hip and told officers that he had "paperwork giving him authority as a Ranger."

A trial had been postponed after Davis refused on two occasions to change out of his jail scrubs into clothes provided by his attorneys.

[Photo: Gunfighter with a Texas belt buckle quick draws a revolver pistol (Shutterstock.com)]