Homeless man who created app arrested for sleeping on bench

A homeless man who has been studying computer programming and who designed a pollution-fighting app was arrested on Monday morning for sleeping on a park bench. According to Think Progress, the man known as "Journeyman" Leo was arrested by New York City Police for sleeping in a park near Chelsea Piers and charged with trespassing.

Leo came to the world's attention in August, when 23-year-old programmer Patrick McConlogue announced that he offered the man $100 or a chance to learn coding and Leo chose coding.

After a month of study, Leo created an app that can help commuters see how much carbon dioxide they are keeping from being released into the atmosphere if they carpool. The app is set to be released in coming weeks.

Leo now faces fines of up to $250 for sleeping on a bench he doesn't normally sleep on. All city parks are closed from 1:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. and in an update posted on Leo's Facebook page, McConlogue said that Leo bears no ill will toward the officer who arrested him, who, he said, was very polite and was just doing his job.

McConlogue and Leo have been meeting every morning for the last two months to study. They have been approached about the possibility of a film documenting their experience.

Leo was released from jail quickly. In part, said Think Progress, because of the highly visible nature of the case.

Watch video about Leo and McConlogue, embedded below via Business Insider: