In the not too distant past House Speaker John Boehner (R- Cruzwhipped) has had an on-again off-again relationship with Harry Reid  who is the majority leader of the adults table in Congress. It was casual dating, nothing too serious, maybe a little second-base under-the-golf-sweater groping action,  some deep tonguing  ... you know what I'm talking about. But recently Boehner has started putting out for the teabagger element within his own house who have got themselves  all Viagra'd up by the rico suave Latin-Canadian moves of  Ted Cruz who has been cruising (ha!) the lower house looking  for some hot government inaction. Embittered by this rejection Harry Reid, who thought he and Boehner had something loving and tender, has decided to post some very private emails from Boehner that show John in some pretty compromising positions - and I'm not talking about that cheesecake photo of Boehner perched on the hood of a red Camaro wearing short-shorts with his tube top pulled down around his waist.

From Ex-GF Revenge tabloid Politico:

With the federal government nearing shutdown, House Speaker John Boehner stood on the House floor Monday and called on his colleagues to vote for a bill banning a “so-called exemption” that lawmakers and staffers receive for their health insurance.

“Why don’t we make sure that every American is treated just like we are?” Boehner asked, seeking to prohibit members of Congress and Capitol Hill aides from getting thousands of dollars in subsidies for their health insurance as they join Obamacare-mandated insurance exchanges.

Yet behind-the-scenes, Boehner and his aides worked for months with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), and others, to save these very same, long-standing subsidies, according to documents and e-mails provided to POLITICO. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) was also aware of these discussions, the documents show.
World's. Worst. Four-way.
During a five-month period stretching from February to July, Boehner and his aides sought along with Reid’s office to solve what had become a big headache for both of them. They drafted and reviewed a possible legislative fix, as well as continued to push for an administrative one from the Office of Personnel Management.

Boehner aides insist there was never any intention to move legislation through the House to correct the problem.

So Boehner was  "...only going to put the tip in".

Again, we think you know what we're talking about. Oh yes you do. Don't lie.