Jon Stewart skewers CNN and Wolf Blitzer for 'dumbing down' the news
Jon Stewart 102913 [YouTube]

Rather than pick on CNN for its coverage of a specific issue, Daily Show host Jon Stewart ripped Wolf Blitzer and his colleagues on Tuesday for reducing more of their reporting to choosing between "good things" and "bad things."

"It's like the word went out from CNN HQ: 'Nobody watches this network unless they're in the airport or going somewhere,'" Stewart guessed. "'Eighty-six the professor talk and just let the people know, does this story go in my happy bag or my sad bag? Emoticon me, chop chop.'"

To prove his point, Stewart showed the network's coverage of stories like the Jodi Arias murder trial and the JPMorgan Chase financial case, before featuring Blitzer's Sept. 27 interview with Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) where he used the tactic while discussing provisions of the Affordable Care Act.

"Just want to make this clear," an incredulous Stewart told his audience. "That's Michele 'I think vaccines give you brain damage' Bachmann being told by Wolf Blitzer to dumb it down."

CNN's shift to a "simplistic-ier" viewpoint, Stewart said, stood in contrast to competitors MSNBC and Fox News, which stick to the right-left divide; while Fox always thinks it knows the answer, and MSNBC always asks sarcastically, "CNN, they genuinely seem not to know."

Watch Stewart's latest attack against CNN posted online by Comedy Central: