The trial of Egypt's deposed Islamist president Mohamed Morsi on charges of inciting the murder of protesters will start on November 4, the official MENA news agency reported Wednesday.

Morsi will stand trial with 14 other defendants over the killings of protesters outside his presidential palace in December 2012, almost seven months before his ouster in a military coup.

At least seven people were killed in the clashes on December 5 between the Islamist's loyalists and his opponents after he passed a temporary decree placing his decisions beyond judicial review.

Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood claimed that most of those killed were Islamists. The clashes broke out after Brotherhood supporters dispersed a sit-in outside the palace by Morsi's secular leaning opponents.

Morsi's co-defendants will include several of his aides and Brotherhood leaders.

The military has detained Morsi in a secret location since his overthrow on July 3. The other defendants have been jailed since then or are on the run.