Pat Robertson: God can cause missing limbs to grow back, but don't pray for that

A viewer briefly stumped televangelist Pat Robertson on Tuesday’s broadcast of the 700 Club.

During the show’s prayer segment, the viewer asked Robertson why he and his co-host never asked God to replace lost limbs.

"Is it because you believe He cannot regrow limbs?” asked the viewer, identified as Dee. “Can't God do anything? Are you limiting His powers if you believe He can cure cancer but can't regrow limbs?"

Robertson appeared surprised by the question, and a bit peeved.

“What is with you?” Robertson asked. “We believe in God for cancers to be healed and you want him to grow the organ back? I mean, come on.”

But the veteran broadcaster quickly regained his footing, citing examples from previous programs about a man whose missing eyeball was “recreated,” others whose missing teeth grew back and a Ghanaian man whose missing leg grew back during a church service attended by 200,000 people.

“These are all creative miracles,” Robertson said. “What we are praying for is healing. These are creative miracles, and it’s a different level of faith, a different level of working, but can God do it? Of course, he can.”

[Image via YouTube]