Speaking at daily Mass on Monday, Pope Francis condemned the worship of money.

Though money itself was not inherently evil, Francis said the attachment to money lead to destruction of families, friends, and the self.

"It leads you to idolatry, it destroys your relationship with others," he said, according to Radio Vatican. "It’s not money, but the attitude, what we call greed. Then too this greed makes you sick, because it makes you think of everything in terms of money. It destroys you, it makes you sick."

"And in the end – this is the most important thing – greed is an instrument of idolatry because it goes along a way contrary to what God has done for us," Francis added. "Saint Paul tells us that Jesus Christ, who was rich, made Himself poor to enrich us. That is the path of God: humility, to lower oneself in order to serve. Greed, on the other hand, takes us on a contrary path: You, who are a poor human, make yourself God for vanity’s sake. It is idolatry!"

Francis has regularly focused on social ills related to "the least of these," including issues such as poverty, immigrant's rights, and worker's rights. He made headlines earlier this year for saying the Church was too obsessed with abortion, contraception and homosexuality.

Watch video, uploaded to YouTube by Rome Reports, below: