Conservatives are increasingly worried that the "string of recent high-profile firings of top U.S. generals" is a prelude to a military takeover of the United States government.

Especially suspicious was Thursday's firing of Major General Michael Carey, because the Air Force only disclosed the reasons he wasn't being removed, which included sexual misconduct and drug use.

In an article published on the website American Thinker, Selwyn Duke, a regular guest on popular conservative talk radio shows, postulated that these recent firings are the Obama administration's way of creating a "martial-law-ready military." In addition to the firings, the administration "has given affirmative action in the military a dose of steroids, promoting minorities and women -- and, I believe, homosexuals and lesbians -- at the expense of white men," he writes.

These actions are intended to create "a military climate" hostile to "traditionalists," by which he means "white military men who are practicing Christians," in order to force them to leave the service or, better yet, prevent them from ever enlisting. That would be all Obama needed to control "the body" of the armed forces, but he would also need to control "the head":

At the same time that I was transforming the body, I'd also have to gain control of the head. To this end I would look to replace as many generals as possible with those I believed would do my bidding. For once I owned the military head, body and soul, I could really dream that impossible dream.

Duke writes that given that "Obama is a shadowy figure with a penchant for hiding his past [and] has avowed communists in his administration [and] believed in old-style communist's imagination can conjure up some interesting scenarios" as to what Obama will do once he controls the "body" and "head" of the United States military.

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Update 10:36 a.m.: Headline updated