South African man asks for change in bail conditions so he can have loud sex with his 'screamer' girlfriend

A man ordered to live at his uncle's as part of a bail agreement is pleading with a South African court to allow him to move because his girlfriend likes loud sex, it was reported Tuesday.

A lawyer for Gareth de Nysschen, who is charged with stealing and selling army ammunition, told prosecutors his girlfriend was "a screamer," according to court documents quoted by South Africa's The Star.

In an application to move out of his uncle's house, de Nysschen claims he cannot have a "normal sexual relationship" with his girlfriend "due to lack of privacy."

He had previously been ordered by the court to stay at his uncle's pending his trial.

In response to his request, the investigating officer asked his lawyer why De Nysschen could not have sex "at his current address".

"He said she was a screamer and the applicant wanted some privacy," she said in an affidavit.

The lawyer denies having said this, and has accused the prosecution of lying.

Judgment is expected next week.

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