Jon Stewart destroys Fox News' 'Bull*hit Mountain' coverage of the government shutdown
Jon Stewart on government shutdown 093013 [YouTube]

Jon Stewart attacked Republicans who want nothing more than a smaller, more limited government for complaining about the smaller, more limited government their shutdown has created.

After a montage of Republican congresspeople declaring their opposition to anything resembling an adequately-sized government, Stewart said "You know who you are? You're the Jerk?"

He then played a clip from The Jerk, in which Steve Martin's eponymous character, much like Republicans who only want certain services funded during the shutdown, declared that he doesn't need anything, "except for this ashtray."

"And this paddle-game."

"The ashtray and this paddle-game, this is all I need."

"And this," Martin says, grabbing something.

"I don't need any government," Stewart said. "Except these memorials, and Social Security, and the paddle-game."

Watch the Stewart's complete analysis of the goings-on at "Bulls**t Mountain" below: