Ted Cruz (R-Hubris) , who has done for the Republican brand what Karen Handel did for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, has given a big ol' country 'boy howdy' to a plan by the House to kick the debt limit fiscal can six weeks down the road.:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said Thursday that he supported the House GOP's plan for a temporary debt-limit increase, hoping it would help refocus the government shutdown debate on stopping Obamacare.

You'll notice that Ted's not talking about about ending the government shutdown (Sorry, cancer kids! But not really...), he's only making sure that the entire global financial world doesn't collapse around everyone's ears next week which undoubtedly would make things a little awkward in the Executive Lunchroom at his wife's job. But, please Ted, tell us how your party will put these next six weeks to good use:

“My understanding is that this is being driven by House conservatives who are quite reasonably saying listen, let’s focus on Obamacare, on winning the fight on Obamacare, on helping remedy the enormous harms Obamacare is inflicting on millions of Americans, and let’s push the debt ceiling a little further down the road so that it doesn’t distract us from the fight we’re right in the middle of now,” the senator said on KYFO.

Ah-yup.  The plan is to use this breathing room to get back to the table and once again attempt to "negotiate" with the President by saying "You dismantle the signature achievement of your administration and major reason why you were re-elected by over 5 million votes and, in return, we'll quit throwing bodies out onto the street every hour".  For the past few weeks, this has worked out very well for the Burn It Down For Lunch Bunch and, if you don't believe me, Ted Cruz has a poll he'd love to share with you.

So, jump on-board America! We could be looking at six more weeks of massive damage to the economy,  food insecurity for the poor and vulnerable, government workers and their families having their lives and credit destroyed, being very careful about what you put in your mouth, undelivered veterans disability payments   and tons of other things that you might find "very exciting" unless you are one of those namby-pamby play-it-safe stick-in-the-muds who don't like playing Salmonella Roulette. And with any luck, after six more weeks of the Tea Party sadists in the House causing excruciating pain to their fellow citizens, maybe then they'll finally tire of destroying this shiny American toy and they'll move on and get distracted by some other useless and futile pursuit. Maybe we just need to say the 'safe word'.

Hint: Benghazi.