A commuter train under computer control struck and killed two transit workers Saturday near San Francisco.

The two workers struck by an out-of-service BART train had been checking track at the time.

"The accident occurred at approximately 1:53 pm between the Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill stations, approximately one mile north of the Walnut Creek Station," Bay Area Rapid Transit said in an online statement. "The workers were performing track inspections in response to a report of a dip in the track at the time of the accident. The deceased include one BART employee and a contractor. Both people had extensive experience working around moving trains in both the freight train and the rapid transit industry. The procedures involved in track maintenance require one employee to inspect the track and the other to act as a lookout and notify of any oncoming traffic."

BART workers began a strike Friday after talks over salary and work rules broke down. The union is seeking a 16.9 percent raise and to keep longstanding work rules, while BART management is offering a 12 percent raise while seeking to change some work policies. It's the second work stoppage since July.