W. Kamau Bell tells 'blobfish-faced fool' Ted Cruz to respect Trayvon's mother

In the clip embedded below from "Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell," Bell sent a personal message to freshman Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX): Stop talking.

He began by referring to Wednesday's congressional testimony by Sybrina Fulton, mother of slain teenager Trayvon Martin. After Fulton explained that the "Stand Your Ground" law is a dangerous law that allows people of color to disproportionately be murdered by white defendants, Cruz addressed her.

"None of us in this hearing room were there that night," said Cruz, "and we know that at the end of that confrontation, the teenager was dead."

"It wasn't 'the teenager,'" said Bell. "His name was Trayvon Martin and you're talking directly to his mother, so have some goddamn respect, you blobfish-faced fool!"

Bell continued, "And Ted Cruz, every time I see you on TV you're doing something sh*tty! Could you please just go back to destroying democracy and leave Trayvon Martin's family out of this?"

"Dude, what does your day planner look like?" he asked. "8:00 a.m.? Lecture puppies at the pound. 10:30 a.m., use magnifying glass to burn the poor."

"Why don't you try something you've never tried before?" Bell asked, "Shut your mouth, you robotic, ham-fisted, self-aggrandizing, grandstanding, insincere, opportunistic, slick, smarmy, unctuous, half-a-game-show-host Texas piece of sh*t!"

Watch the video, embedded below via "Totally Biased:"